September 2015

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I think it is time to weigh in on the Kim Davis dram I can’t seem to avoid.  As a Libertarian leaning fellow, I always cringe when I see conservatives representing the “other option” as if Kim Davis is either right or wrong and those are my two choices.  Well it’s time to clear the air and say let’s consider that 3rd option.  Let’s fire Kim Davis and others just like her.

Well that comes off quite harsh and difficult to say, what could my rationalization be behind such a strong stance?  Am I anti God or Anti Religious Rights?  No, I happen to have the simplest rationale out of everyone.  Why the heck does the position Kim Davis currently works in even exist?  When we talk about bad regulations, and useless bureaucrats we are talking about the Kim Davis of the world.  She is the exact poster child of why Government should be reduced and should not be running and meddling in free individuals lives.

What if Kim Davis and her job were eliminated across this country, would the sky fall?  No we would reduce thousands of unnecessary costs on every town, city whatever in the country.  The wasted pension costs, the wasted benefits costs  all going towards a regulation enforcer that doesn’t then follow the regulations she was told to enforce.  Let’s simply reduce the size of government and get more of it out of our lives.  Let individuals have whatever agreements they choose to have.  Let’s simplify the entire process so that an eCommerce computer can register these transactions for peanuts and get rid of the bureaucrats.

So yes, let’s fire Kim Davis, but let’s fire all of the meddling government busy bodies in our lives.  Let’s get rid of regulations, lets live a life of freedom.