February 2016

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I had a long drive to go meet with a client today so I turned the Radio to Glenn Beck.  I was out of my mind listening to the fire and brimstone coming from him about how the world will end if and when Trump is nominated and heaven forbid becomes president.  He went on and on even suggesting this is how Hitler took over Germany.  So let’s throw out a Libertarian Case for Trump.  Sure he scares me on trade and civil liberties, but let’s focus on the good.

People’s Views Evolve

Funny enough, as a Libertarian minded Rand Paul / Ron Paul supporting type person I have watched Glenn Beck himself evolve more than anyone in recent memory.  He started out absolutely hating Ron Paul and everything Ron spoke of evolving to his current Evangelical Libertarian (Is that a thing, I just made it up?)  Now I respect views evolving for one simple reason.  As a Libertarian, I constantly argue with everyone, that means nearly everyone I talk with needs their views to evolve.  Imagine having a civil discussion with someone, and at the end of hearing your views, they said hey I never thought of it that way you are correct.  That is someone’s view evolving and in my opinion is a good thing.  They may have thought one way, my concern is that they have the right view today not yesterday.

He Is Making Too Many Promises He Can’t Deliver

This one is an interesting one.  The complaint is not they are mad about what he is proposing (minus a few subjects), but instead they are mad because he won’t be able to do it when he get’s in.  My question to you is, would you propose he run on a platform that everything is too hard to do?  He is laying out a mandate of his agenda, I don’t see the issue doing that.  Is he setting a high bar, sure.  Will he be able to deliver, maybe.  It will require the full effort of the congress working with him.

Promises He Has Made And His Plans To Do It

  • Get Rid of Common Core –  He wants to get rid of the Department of Education and send the money back to the states.  This is about as conservative as things get, good luck getting Marco Rubio to say he would get rid of the Department of Education.
  • Take On The Military Industrial Complex – He nailed it when he said the military is being run by contracts and special interests not real military need.  He wants to dig his hands into the waste, fraud, and abuse at the Pentagon.  This is a sacred cow, let’s hear Marco Rubio talk about the MIC and how it is hurting our troops.
  • Get Rid Of Obamacare – And he will replace it with a market oriented plan.  He will push to sell across state lines, support HSA accounts.  He says he will take care of the poor with Medicaid.  The poor are on Medicaid today, so in my eyes giving the working class that pays for private insurance a free market option first is a huge win.  We don’t need to get rid of the other socialized programs until we get a free market program first.
  • Will Balance The Budget- He understands it will take a mixture of growth and cutting of expenses to get there.  I have absolutely zero issue with him saying we need to pay down our debt and balance the budget.  How will he do it?  He suggested a few places here and there, likes the penny plan.  But the reality is Congress controls the budget, so he just needs to hold them to the fire.  He is running on a mandate so if he wins he has the high ground in getting it done.

Trump Is Taking Over Just Like Hitler Did

I keep hearing some compare this campaign to exactly how Hitler came to power in Germany.  For someone like Beck to say this clearly doesn’t understand the fundamental difference of Trump vs Hitler is simple.  Trump is looking to reduce the size and power of government not increase it.  If Hitler had given the power back to the States would he really have been in the same situation.  Hitler like all left wing visions is to consolidate power and ultimately allow him to rule.  That is 100% opposite of saying I am going to reduce the size and thus power of government.


Is Trump perfect?  Absolutely not, but nobody is.  Checks and balances still remain in our country.  He may be the perfect sledgehammer to get things done.

Here is a quick  food for thought.  Iowa is not your typical State when it comes to voting.  Unlike the standard ballot box style most states have where you stand in privacy making your anonymous vote, the caucus style adds a level of peer pressure.  So here goes my theory on why Trump Lost Iowa.

In the last several election cycles, the winners of Iowa tend to be the religious evangelical voters.  Now my theory is that this crowd adds a lot of peer pressure on who you can vote for.  Trump has a wishy washy past with some issues evangelicals would be in an uproar over, particularly abortion.

So the stigma of going over and picking Trump is harder in a Caucus.  This is why Santorum and Huckabee were able to win the last two times.  It was a show of who is more evangelical than the next.   So in my eyes, the bottom line for Iowa is that it is irrelevant who won, but definitely relevant for who didn’t win.