The issue with health care is far more simple and certainly doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach. Considering that currently, our healthcare is essentially a government run program administered by private companies (Fascist) is more proof that we hadn’t tried private healthcare in this country for at least 70 years.

The first issue is bundling all healthcare into one box, that in itself is ineffective. At a minimum, we should all be purchasing 3 different policies.

Policy Level 1 – Standard Preventive Level Health Care- This is a primary care doctor and network that can easily handle the needs of everyday people. There are incredible options that currently exist. Example – for a mere $50 dollars per adult, and $10 dollars per child per month IE $120 per month for a family of 4, you get incredible benefits and access to all of the preventative healthcare a family needs. There is no copay or fee to see the doctors each time. This level of care doesn’t need an insurance company participating, we could completely do away with insurance or any middle man payer, and instead simply pay for healthcare to the providers. What a concept, and yes socialized healthcare is still a middle man.

Policy Level 2 – Standard Health Insurance- This policy should be to enhance and pay for things that need to be paid for beyond the primary care plans. Currently, networks negotiate who is in-network or out of network. A simple fix is a fee sheet of coverage. If they instead of paid every provider a different rate for an MRI (which causes an insane cost for paperwork and admin) and instead had a simple reimbursement rate sheet that is paid to any service provider it would greatly simplify billing. An example, if I need an MRI currently my hospital charges 4000 dollars for this service, my insurance paid for 3,000 of it. At the same time, companies like this can do it for $250 dollars… How many can more people have affordable access to an MRI if it only cost $250 instead of $4000? Instead, if insurance companies had a maximum reimbursement fee schedule that said you can get an MRI from any licensed provider and we pay up to $500 for it, then it gives you the patient control, and it cuts off the extortionist fees that many other healthcare systems charges. Lowering the cost of healthcare.

Policy Level 3 – Catastrophic Coverage – This policy should be just like buying a life insurance policy. If you buy life insurance early in life, the cost is far cheaper. There are hundreds of ways it can pay out for coverage. As simple as if you get cancer, here is $500,000. Or it can directly pay for services. I could easily imagine silver and platinum levels and choices for policies that individuals could buy into. If you want the lowest least expensive, that is your choice as a patient, but if you want the most groundbreaking and expensive coverage that should be an option as well.

Each policy would ultimate have a cost and none of them require any level of government intervention to get, the only argument is if someone can’t afford the cost…

Level 1 is $50 dollars per adult, instead of paying medicare or Medicaid, the government could deposit $50 dollars into an HSA account via a tax credit or subsidy versus sending it into a system.

Level 2, same is true. If it were to cost $200 per month for this level of care, deposit the money into an HSA.

Level 3, same thing.

We currently as taxpayers pay for 75 million people receiving Medicaid at a cost of $552 billion dollars per year… That equals $7,360 per person per year in cost. A family of 4 costs taxpayers $29,440. How much less could we reduce the cost by instead shifting those same taxpayer dollars into a free market system where each person regardless of income had $7,500 dollars per person in an HSA account to spend and buy their 3 levels of coverage? I would argue we would have the best healthcare the world has ever seen.